Monday, February 24, 2020

A Simple Life

It's been a while since I've written here in a journaling capacity. If I'm honest, I've missed it. It can be hard at times to quiet my head enough to journal about real life and I've had some concerns about my blog being open to the public for just anyone to read, but now that the blog is private, I felt it was time to try and get some thoughts down.
For those of you I've invited, thanks for being here. I want to be able to talk with you here about what's going on in my neck of the woods, about what this sort of relationship is like and how we go about it, with people who are open to listen.. and comment, if you feel comfortable doing so. I love to hear from my readers as it can get very lonely blogging to the void...
My day to day doesn't change much but it is busy. Every morning (even weekends) I'm up at 5. The first thing I do is head to the kitchen to pour J's coffee and bring it to him. After doing this I take my own coffee to the living room and check messages and then have a half an hour to read- usually surrounded by my 4 kids and 2 cats. J comes to breakfast at a quarter to 6 and I cook for him. We have our check-in at the kitchen table while the kids watch cartoons or play games on their tablets. During check-in, he checks my schedule for the day and adds anything he needs me to do. He reminds me to be a good girl and reach out to him if I need to. I know what this means- reach out to me if you're frustrated, reach out to me if you crave something you shouldn't eat (sometimes I don't because just him telling me 'no' is enough to make me listen and I don't want to be told no- but he finds out if I did it and I'm over the bed anyway), reach out to me if you want something that needs permission.
Then he's off to work and I start my day with the kids. I put away the dishes from the dishwasher, wash dishes, feed kids and corral them to get ready for the day, take out meat for dinner to thaw, make beds, start laundry, update my keto app and after all that I'm off for a shower while my oldest girl keeps her eye on the two-year-old.
We start school at 9 (I homeschool them). I used to teach special ed so the transition to homeschooling wasn't a big deal and the kids love the routine. They are involved in some groups outside the home and we always have Sunday School on Sundays.
We school from 9-12, and then it's lunch, more chores, and nap for the littlest. The older kids have media time and I head to my writing cave.
When J comes home, I'm cooking dinner and the kids are finishing up homework (I don't give them much). The little one is up from her nap- change a diaper and get her snack.  As soon as I hear him I  pour him a cup of coffee and take his lunchbox to empty. Then it's in his arms, the place I always long to be. I truly love it when he's home. It makes the house feel different- warmer, protected.
After dinner, the kids begin getting ready for bed and the hour before bedtime we read. All cuddled up on the couch we journey together through whichever book we're working on (currently it's Little House on the Prarie by Laura Ingalls Wilder).
When they go to bed I return to my writing cave and J has some time for himself to read or watch tv (his favorite pastimes)
The weekends get switched up a bit. J works Saturdays and the kids and I clean the house and wash all the beds, change the hamster bedding, throw out recyclables. I bake and plan out our school week and schedule posts for my media groups. Sometimes J's mom visits.
When he gets home Saturday night, I am truly a happy girl because this is when date night starts. After the kids go to bed, my computer gets put away and we head to our bedroom with an adult beverage each and turn on our favorite tv show (currently The Good Doctor on Hulu). I get absolutely plastered with my drink of choice (rum and tonic) and after the show is over... things happen. And then I fall asleep, J tucks me in and heads to the living room with a book or to watch another tv show, and when I wake Sunday morning I am thoroughly rested and content.
Sunday we put the crockpot on and head to church. This is my day off and we spend the day as a family.
It's a simple life, a busy life, but it keeps me focused on the things that matter. Serving him and my kids, loving them, is what means the world to me. It's where I find my purpose and strength.
There are so many things in this world to be unsure of but I am sure of us, of this.
It's the simple things in life that mean the world to me- the touch of his hand, his kiss. It's the things that speak the words we don't always say. I notice you, I care for you, I know what you need, I trust you, I'm here for you.


  1. Jlynne,

    Wow, you are a busy person! I always wondered about homeschooling my girl, but I really wanted her to have language options, she now speaks 4, two are fluent, one is conversational, and one is well ASL, so a bit more difficult. That doesn't include the others she self teaches. So that is good.

    Your day sounds so connected to J. I am working towards that with my Sheriff. It is better than it was, but I hope that it reaches the level you have with J.


  2. Hi Jlynne, it's great to see you here :) I loved reading this and enjoyed this insight jnto your day. Wow, they sound like busy, bur fulfilled days caring for, and being with family. I agred with Boo, your day does sound connected to J. I Love that :)